About Bedbolts

Motorcycle Tie Downs

Motorcycle tie down straps are not all created equally. What you need, are strong, reliable, and convenient motorcycle tie downs.

Bed Bolts is a tie down anchoring device with a removable eye bolt installed on trailers or trucks to secure your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, etc.

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Truck Tie Downs

Our objective is to provide the strongest tie downs available on the market today while maintaining a reasonable price.

We provide the ability to use a ratchet strap without ripping the tie down out of the truck.

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Stronger Tie Downs

Others cannot match the tensile strength that Bed Bolts has. Our 3/8 bed bolts are rated at 2800 lbs. of strait pull and our 1/2 inch offer 5200 lbs. of strait pull.

Also, our Bed Bolts are zinc finished so they will not rust.

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Longer Lasting Tie Downs

Koon Hall inc., a stress analysis company, did all of the pull tests and were impressed by the strength that Bed Bolts was able to sustain.
Bed Bolts offers one of the highest ratings of any tie down systems when installed properly.

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Removable Tie Downs

We also provide the ability to remove the eye bolts easily when not in use and leave the truck or trailer bed free of obstructions.

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